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Day after day, we face the challenge of excellence in order to offer solutions that simplify the daily operation of medical staff and thus improve the quality of life of their patients.
Simple tools, dedicated support and attention to our partners’ needs have led us to create AlchiAPP, Alchimia’s professional platform in which distributors, medical doctors and hospital staff will share their professional experiences.



Are you an ophthalmic surgeon and would you like to share your professional experience with other doctors?
Thanks to AlchiAPP, the professional platform of Alchimia, now you can finally do it!
Share your professional experiences within the community through surgical videos and directly communicate via 1:1 chat with doctors from all over the world.
Join the AlchiAPP community!


Download the app from Android and iOS stores and create your account.

Fill in all the required fields during registration and wait for an activation confirmation email.
Click the link inside the email and log in to the platform.

* Due to the spam filters of the major mailing systems, it may be necessary to check the spam folder to find the AlchiAPP email.

Updating your profile is very simple. Open the main menu and access the profile settings icon at the top. At this point, you can update the information.

Keep your work information up to date so you can always be in contact with your local representatives. In this way we can guarantee you the best experience with our application.

Of course, give your consent to the contact during the registration phase. From now on, you can contact medical doctors anywhere in the world via chat.

*If you don’t give consent for contacts during registration, the chat functionality will not be available.
You can change your preferences at any time by updating your profile and giving consent.

Once you have selected the Youtube video to share within AlchiAPP, click on the three-dot icon to the right of the movie’s title. Now select the Share option that appears in the menu below and tap on the Copy link.
Now paste the link while holding your finger inside the Video Code field in AlchiAPP.

Of course, uploading videos of your surgeries inside AlchiAPP is simple. First, check that you have uploaded the public video of your surgery to Youtube. Once you copy the video link, go to the Video menu of AlchiAPP, select the category of which your video is part and click on the “camcorder” icon in the upper right corner. Once ready, copy the last part of the Youtube link, fill in the information about your surgery and share your video.
Once ready, the system will send you a notification of publication.

Of course. Use the dedicated function within the Communicate area.

Absolutely not.
AlchiAPP has obtained the full regulatory compliance about the processing of personal data. AlchiAPP has also obtained the EU Regulation n. 2016/679 certification resulting fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your data is therefore protected.

Yes, AlchiAPP is completely free.

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