Mauro Beccaro, CEO of Alchimia Srl
Mauro Beccaro, CEO of Alchimia Srl

Alchimia, one of the leading European manufacturers of medical devices for Ophthalmic Surgery and Human Tissue Processing, announces the incorporation of Alchilife Srl, an Italian Research & Development company specialized in the ophthalmic field, with great expertise in chemistry, biology, biotechnology and bioengineering and experience in the design, development and validation of medical devices.

«We are very proud to welcome Alchilife, R&D department, to our team. This fusion fits perfectly into an organization like that of Alchimia, constantly focused on the continuous improvement of raw materials, methods and processes to ensure even greater safety and innovation in a competitive market such as that of ophthalmology», said Mauro Beccaro, CEO of Alchimia Srl.

Thanks to its numerous publications, Alchilife Srl has brought its contribution to the scientific community through various papers in the ophthalmic field, such as the validated cytotoxicity test by direct contact method on BALB 3T3 and human-derived ARPE-19 cell lines according to ISO 10993-5, the human retina ex vivo and the reactive oxygen species (ROS) studies.

«We believe that this incorporation is the concrete solution that the market needs now, Surgeons and Patients deserve safe products and guarantees on product quality.
Patients first», declared Mauro Beccaro.