Year: 2015

Authors: Kanavi M.R.; Javadi M.A.; Chamami T.; Fahim P.; Javadi F.

Cell Tissue Bank, 16(2):243-7, 2015
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Abstract: This study was conducted to compare the quantitative and qualitative indices of the donated corneas maintained in either Optisol-GS or Eusol-C storage media. In an ante-grade single blind study, two corneas from each donor with a death to preservation time of less than 30 h and with a minimum of “an apparent good cornea rating” were maintained in corneal storage media; randomly one in Optisol-GS and the other in Eusol-C. Slit-lamp biomicroscopic and specular microscopic examinations were performed on days 1 and 7. The results of the qualitative and quantitative indices and the final cornea rating were recorded. Statistical analyses were performed to evaluate any differences between the two media. 180 corneas from 90 donors with an age range of 29.3 ± 22.4 years were allocated in two groups: 90 corneas in Optisol-GS and the other 90 in Eusol-C. Five corneas in Optisol-GS and four corneas in Eusol-C were excluded from the study due to lack of specular images. There was no significant change of endothelial rating from day 1 to day 7 between two media (P = 0.175). As the maintenance time of the donated corneas increased, no significant difference was noted between the two groups in terms of endothelial indices, stromal edema, and Descemet’s folding. This study shows no superiority between Eusol-C and Optisol-GS in short term preservation of donated corneas.