Customer care

Since AL.CHI.MI.A. Srl establishment, our customers have been the ones to lead us towards the way of creation and development of new products. Should that be considered an advantage or a drawback, the birth of a new product has always been a response to someone’s need, an urge to fill the gap in supplies, a request to make changes and comply with regulatory issues.

AL.CHI.MI.A.’s path so far was determined by our potential clients and their intuition has never failed. We are growing and our expansion brings changes; but the most important thing that leads us to success is our commitment to listen to our clients. Responding to their needs always remains our top priority.

You will always find someone who listens to you in AL.CHI.MI.A. Srl. Just contact us and you will be directed to the right person. If you already have our contact details, please contact us directly. Our staff speaks several languages and the answers to technical and scientific questions are almost always immediate. Regarding the delivery of documents, we try to limit as much as possible the technical times required for its collection. We use the new technologies to offer training courses and the social networking to keep our customers up to date on new products.

Our customers inspire our research, our inventions and our work. We strive to maintain the highest quality products and services, and provide the most innovative solutions.

We appreciate your ideas and suggestions and we will consider each and every one of them.

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