The European Eye Bank Association (EEBA) is a technical-scientific organization comprising individual and non-profit institutional members from eye banks across Europe and beyond. Founded with the simple objective of sharing information regarding eye-banking, the Association is today the leading pan-national association in Europe dedicated to the advancement of eye-banking and an authoritative reference point for eye banks wishing to work according to quality standards.

This year the EEBA is hosting its annual meeting in ANTWERP, Belgium, and Alchimia is thrilled to participate alongside Moria.

Alchimia and Moria will take the stage with a total of six oral presentations. Three scientific studies will be presented by Alchimia’s long-term collaboration partners:

  • Dr. Tran Vision – GIFT –  USA
  • Dr. Scarinci – Eye Bank of Rome – ITALY
  • Dr. Piaia – FBOV – ITALY

The other three presentations will be held by Dr. Rodella and Dr. Giurgola, who are part of Alchimia’s R&D team.

Below, please find the details of our presentations and we invite you to come see us the Moria/Alchimia exhibit location where we can be found throughout the congress duration.

See you in Antwerp!

08.03.2024  / 11:30 – 12:30
Session II – Ocular tissue storage and quality control

Retrospective Clinical Outcomes of Keratoplasty using Human Donor Corneas Preserved in Eusol-C Hypothermic Storage Medium.
Dr. Fabio Scarinci – San Giovanni Addolorata Hospital, Ophthalmology Unit – Eye Bank of Rome, Rome, Italy.

A novel viewing chamber: comparative analysis and evaluation under corneal hypothermic storage conditions.
Dr. Umberto Rodella – Alchimia Srl – Ponte San Nicolò, Padua, Italy.

DMEK and DSAEK graft preparations after corneal preservation in a new corneal hypothermic storage medium.
Dr. Moreno Piaia – Veneto Eye Bank Foundation, Venice, Italy.

08.03.2024 / 16:00 – 17:30
Session V – Miscellaneous free papers and rapid-fire poster presentations

Bovine cornea ex vivo model for eye banking and eye surgery applications.
Dr. Umberto Rodella – Alchimia Srl – Ponte San Nicolò, Padua, Italy.

09.03.2024 / 11:30 – 12:30
Session VII – Challenges in eye banking and corneal transplantation – New Developments

Performance of a new hypothermic corneal storage solution and its potential for extending
corneal storage to 28 days.
Dr. Khoa Tran – VisionGift – Portland, OR – United States.

New perspectives in organ culture
Dr. Laura Giurgola – Alchimia Srl – Ponte San Nicolò, Padua, Italy.