Year: 2016, ESCRS

Authors: Giardini P.; Hauranieh N.; Giardini P.; D’Amato Tóthóva J.

Purpose: To report the cases of cataract patients characterized by poor visibility of the operative field which was significantly improved with use of eyeDRO gel.

Setting: POLIVISUS, private ophthalmology clinic, via A Moro 34, Brescia, Italy.

Methods: Cataract patients with poor visibility of the operative field due to severe dry eye syndrome, corneal epithelium damage, cloudy/opaque cornea, deep set eyes and iatrogenic corneal abrasions are described. All patients received topical anesthetics and Mydriasert ophthalmic insert (Laboratories Thea, France) preoperatively and continuous 2-mm layer of eyeDRO gel (Alchimia, Italy) as corneal surface coating before surgery. All patients underwent phacoemulsification cataract surgery using Infinity equipment (Alcon, USA). Surgeon scored intraoperative clarity of operative field at different intervals and all the surgeries were filmed.

Results: In patients with severe dry eye, corneal epithelium damage, iatrogenic corneal abrasions, the application of the eyeDRo coating completely reestablished the transparency and visibility of the operative field. In deep set eyes the single application of the gel protected the corneal surface during all the surgery and facilitated the manipulation. Pseudoexfoliation syndrome was clearly detected in eyeDRO treated eye thank to the excellent intraocular visibility.

Conclusions: In patients characterized by poor visibility of the operative field during phacoemulsification cataract surgery, the single eyeDRO gel application restored visibility and protection of corneal surface significantly better than BSS irrigation.