“Swabs are essential tools to anchor the good health trend but also to provide a definitive answer to the request of security in re-opening companies,” says the governor of the Veneto region Luca Zaia in an interview with the Corriere of Verona published today.

A motivation, that of return to normal, which prompted the doctors of the Ca’ Foncello hospital of Treviso and researchers of the Paduan company Alchimia Srl led by Jana D’Amato Tothova, Ph.D., to collaborate side by side to deal with the drastic reduction of liquid reagents overseas for designing the first swab made in Veneto able to guarantee the preservation of the viral RNA for the molecular analysis at a later stage.

Roberto Rigoli, Chief and coordinator of the microbiology laboratories in Veneto and Chief of the Laboratory of Microbiology of the Ca’ Foncello hospital, pointed out that this version of inactivant-free swab developed from the Venetian maxi team works well for the emergency room management.

An essential first step made available to doctors and nurses for the management of a health emergency as they hadn’t seen in years. That’s a saying everything will be OK.