To meet the growing need to have increasingly controlled and safe products on the market, Alchimia, always sensitive to a policy of continuous improvement, has chosen to test the cytotoxicity of its products in compliance with the ISO 10993-5 standard on two different types of cell lines, BALB 3T3 and ARPE-19, to ensure their absolute non-cytotoxicity.

For the purpose of more rapid information and greater ease of consultation, Alchimia has chosen to show the results of the cytotoxicity test, expressed as compliance with the limits established by the standard, also on product traceability labels, included in the package.

The result of the cytotoxicity test is included in the product analysis certificate, which will be provided upon request.

Below is the list of products tested for cytotoxicity on the BALB 3T3 and ARPE-19 cell line according to ISO 10993-5:

  • RS-Blue, dye for the anterior segment;
  • TWIN, dye for the posterior segment;
  • view ILM, dye for the posterior segment;
  • HPF8 and HPF10 perfluorocarbons;
  • The RS-OIL and RS-OIL ECS silicone oils.

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