GOT Multi C3F8

GOT Multi C3F8 is composed by 100% fluorinated octafluoropropane contained a cylinder for repeat use.
The raw material with which GOT Multi C3F8 is prepared has a purity greater than 99,95% confirmed by gas chromatographic analysis.
“Your” choice for a safe gas.

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What is GOT Multi C3F8?

GOT Multi C3F8 (pure octafluoropropane) packaged in aluminium cylinder, for long-term replacement of the vitreous humour extracted during vitreoretinal surgery.

The product can be used until the cylinder content is consumed. The special 75-ml cylinder with a multi-layer bag resists pressure variations, ensuring shipping by air without any problems or limitations.

The package includes one gas cylinder + one gas injection set composed of a pre-assembled syringe with an 0.2 µm sterilizing filter, one 30G needle, and one patient wristband.

The non-expansile gas concentration of 12% is obtained by mixing 6 ml of GOT C3F8 with 44 ml of air into the 50 ml syringe (gas injection set) included the package.

Over 250.000 GOT Multi packages in the three types (SF6, C2F6, C3F8) sold in the last 10 years without any recall action.



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The depliant of the ophthalmic gases. ...

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    GOT Multi C3F8, pure octafluoropropane - 1 x 75 ml / 24 months ...

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