The safest line of products for anterior and posterior segment for operating theaters.

Human Tissue

The certified line completely dedicated to the processing of human tissues and cells intended for transplanation.



R&D Department

We are continuously looking for solutions able to bring real innovation in the ophthalmic field through screening and selection of raw materials, compositions and formulations, prototyping, validation of models and methods all the way through the clinical assessment of a medical device.

Latest Publication

The subject of the study entitled “A new storage medium containing amphotericin B versus Optisol-GS for preservation of human donor corneas” is the comparison between the quality of human donor corneas stored in a medium for hypothermic storage containing 2.5 μg/ml of Amphotericin B, KERASAVE (AL.CHI.MI.A SRL, Italy) and Optisol-GS (Bausch & Lomb, USA) for 14 days. Find out the results of the study.


Long-term exposure to oxidative stress, such as ultraviolet radiation, can lead to ocular disease. But how does the oxidative stress impact crystalline proteins? This is the object of the R&D department presentation entitled: “Extraction of crystalline proteins from porcine eye lens and evaluation of their relation with oxidative stress”.