BASE•128 is the CE marked Alchimia solution for the decontamination of human tissues for transplantation, also used for the tissue transfer to the bank.

The four antibiotic formulation of BASE•128 is active against Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, yeasts and moulds, the most common contaminants detected in tissue banks.

  • BASE 128

    BASE•128 is a ready-to-use solution to decontaminate various human tissues intended for transplantation (cardiovascular,
    musculoskeletal, osteotendons, skin and amniotic membrane) in di [...]

    Category: DecontaminationTissue banking


Ophthalmic Surgery

The safest line of products for anterior and posterior segment for operating theaters.

Human Tissue Banking

The certified line completely dedicated to the processing of human tissues and cells intended for transplanation.


Alchimia is one of the leading European manufacturers of medical devices for ophthalmic surgery and human tissue banking with the aim of improving the daily routine of the medical personnel and the quality of life of patients.


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