The corneal storage at 31°C, also called organ culture, is the common corneal storage technique in Europe. This method, which is more similar to the physiological conditions if compared to corneal storage at 4°C, allows borderline cells to be recovered, also providing sufficient time to obtain the results of microbiological tests before transplantation.

Tissue-C and Carry-C are the CE marked Alchimia media for corneal storage at 31°C, and transport at room temperature, respectively.

The Tissue-C commercial package also contains CornealFloat, the accessory designed to maintain the cornea suspended in the medium during the culture period.

The Carry-C commercial package includes additional anti-tamper closures, to replace the original closure after bottle opening and to safely seal it when containing the cornea suitable for transplantation, thus providing greater safety to surgeons and patients.


    Packaging:   Vial
    Items: 12
    Volume: 100 ml

    TISSUE-C is a medium for organ culture of donor cornea at 31°C for up to 1 month. It also contains CornealFloat, which is intended to suspend the cornea in the medium during organ cu [...]

    Category: Corneal storage at 31°C

    Packaging:   Vial
    Items: 12
    Volume: 50 ml

    CARRY-C is a medium for corneal deswelling and transport at room temperature for up to 5 days.

    Category: Corneal storage at 31°C
  • GPS

    Items: 100 pieces

    GPS, gas-permeable silicone stopper, is an accessory to Tissue-C, media for organ culture of donor cornea.

    Category: Corneal storage at 31°C

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