eyeDRO, the result of Alchimia’s research, which was developed in our laboratories, is a triphasic polymeric gel able to protect the cornea during cataract and vitreoretinal surgery. Its innovative formula allows a reabsorption of the corneal edema 6 times faster than the use of BSS, guaranteeing a very high patient comfort and better post-operative recovery times. One application of eyeDRO replaces multiple BSS and viscoelastic applications during surgery. Discover the studies concerning Alchimia’s ophthalmic gel.

  • eyeDRO

    Packaging: Monodose
    Items: 10 units
    Volume: 2 ml

    eyeDRO stems from a perfect balance of three polysaccharide polymers with specific functions for a complete protection of the epithelium during surgical operations. Its innovative formula all [...]

    Category: Corneal protection

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Alchimia is one of the leading European manufacturer of medical devices in the Ophthalmic Surgery and in the Human Tissue Processing sector with the aim of improving the daily routine of the medical personnel and the quality of life of their patients.


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