BASE•128 is a ready-to-use solution to decontaminate various human tissues intended for transplantation (skin, amniotic membrane, cardiovascular tissues, veins, bones) in different conditions of time and temperature.

The mixture of four antibiotics (vancomycin, gentamicin, cefotaxime, and amphotericin B desoxycholate) is active against the most frequent contaminants detected in tissue banks (Gram+ and Gram- bacteria, yeasts and moulds).

The BASE•128 decontamination solution can also be used for tissue transport to the bank, immediately after procurement, or during tissue dissection.

BAS 005-00

BASE•128 - 250 ml

BAS 006-00

BASE•128 - 500 ml

CE Certificate

Certificato CE / CE certificate (ITA+ENG)

1. Effects of temperature on decontamination efficacy of BASE.128 by in vitro Time-Kill studies.

2. Fate of antibiotics after the tissue decontamination phase: Study on pig heart valves.

3. Effects of tissue, time and temperature on the decontamination efficacy of BASE.128.

4. Fate of antibiotics after tissue decontamination. Study on heart valves, pericardium, bone and skin.

5. Comparison among the medical devices BASE.128, BASE, CRYO.ON and the solutions currently used in two Italian cardiovascular tissue banks.

6. Elimination of antibiotic carry-over from tissues decontaminated with BASE.128.

7. Validation of standardized industrial antibiotic cocktails.

8. Optimization of cardiovascular tissue decontamination and rinsing with BASE.128 and BASE.

9. Skin decontamination and impact of antibiotic residues on microbiological tests.

10. Time-Kill studies of BASE.128 against S. Epidermidis II, S. Capitis and P. Acnes isolated from donor skin.

11. Establishment of a rinsing procedure to eliminate antibiotic and glycerol residues from cryopreserved skin decontaminated with BASE.128.

12. Impact of antibiotic residues on microbiological analysis: implication of tissue banking.

13. Evaluation of different microbiological testing methods in tissue banking.

14. A suitable and efficient procedure for the removal of decontaminating antibiotics from tissue allografts.

15. Validation of a device for elimination of antibiotics from liquid samples undergoing microbiological analysis.

16. Validation of “ResEP tube” system for microbiological analysis with removal of antibiotic residues.

17. Residual antibiotics in decontaminated human cardiovascular tissues intended for transplantation and risk of falsely negative microbiological analyses.

18. Decontamination of umbilical cord tissue with BASE.128, time-kill studies.

19. Decontamination of Human Larynx with medical device BASE.128.


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