Eusol-C is a completely synthetic media for corneal storage at 2-8°C for up to 14 days.

All our vials have certified quality optical glass bottom compatible with any specular microscope for Eye Banks.
The solution contains a single antibiotic at an effective dose for a higher stability of the media, a color indicator to show unacceptable pH shifts and maintains physiological condition of the cornea for the whole period of the storage. This product is packed 12 vials per box. Cell mortality rate is as low as 5% on the 14th day of storage. Media is guaranteed to stay effective even after 6 month storage at 40°C.

Eusol-C has been cleared for sale in the US: 510(k) number K162013

To order please refer to ref. CSM 001-01 EUSOL-C.

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