Año: 2018, Eucornea and AAO

Autores: Mencucci R.; Favuzza E.; Cennamo M.

Background: The corneal coating gel reduces corneal injury and improve patient comfort. In the present study we monitored inflammation and epithelial remodelling parameters in coating gel- and BSS-treated eyes up to 30 days postop.

Purpose: To study the effects on corneal surface and discomfort syndrome after cataract surgery using intraoperative tripolymeric coating gel.

Methods: 25 eyes received the corneal coating gel during surgery; 25 eyes were irrigated with BSS (control). Anterior segment optical coherence tomography (central corneal thickness (CCT), epithelial thickness (ET), confocal microscopy, and ocular surface disease index (OSDI) were administered preoperatively (baseline), 1, 5, and 14 days postoperatively.

Results: In the BSS-irrigated eyes, all the parameters changed in postop period and came back to the baseline values after 30 days. In the gel-coated eyes, only CCT and ET increased significantly 1 day postop, whereas all the parameters remained similar to the baseline at all follow-up intervals. OSDI was better in the coating gel group.

Conclusion: The use of intraoperative coating gel reduced the effects of surgically induced trauma and improved ocular comfort.