TWIN is composed by Bluelife with a purity greater than 99% and Trypan Blue, together in an ultra-purified dye solution with high biocompatibility for greater patient safety.
“Your” choice for the staining of the Retinal Membranes.

Packaging:   Syringe
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Volume: 0,7 ml
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What is TWIN?

TWIN is 0,18% Trypan Blue + 0,03% Blulife (patented dye with formula: C48H50N3NaO7S) in physiological solution, packaged in prefilled syringes of 0,7 ml each, for reversible staining of the retinal membranes and the inner limiting membrane (ILM) to be removed during vitreoretinal surgery. The product warrants a prompt and effective tissue staining, without any risks for the patient. It contains a thickening agent that improves the contact between the dyes and the tissues, thus allowing a clear visualization of the retinal membranes and the inner limiting membrane. In addition, it simplifies the surgery, making superfluous the fluid/air exchange performed before the dye injection, in order not to dilute it.

TWIN is a product tested for cytotoxicity on ARPE-19 and BALB 3T3 cells, whose results are shown on the confirmation of use labels inside the package for a correct information to the surgeon and an increased safety for the patient.


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      Publications and Presentations

      • Negative staining of the vitreous with the use of vital dyes

        Year: 2017 Authors: Mariotti C.; Nicolai M.; Donati S.; Reibaldi M. Eur J Ophthalmol. 2017 Apr 13:0. doi: 10.5301/ejo.5000968 Online version This is a: Publication Purpose: The vitreous cortex, epiretinal [...]

      • Gemelli diversi: brillantezza e sicurezza

        Year: 2015, Congresso Nazionale Società Oftalmologica Italiana Authors: Panozzo G. Abstract: Lo scopo dello studio è stato quello di selezionare coloranti idonei alla colorazione selettiva della membrana limitante interna (MLI) e delle membrane epiretiniche per [...]

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