Alchimia’s silicone oil is made of 100% ultra-purified polydimethylsiloxane with a volatile compound content less than 0.1%.

RS-OIL, in the viscosities of 1000 cSt, 5000 cSt, 1300 cSt, 2000 cSt and 5700 cSt ensures a long-term stable tamponade in the management of retinal detachments.

More than 250,000 packages sold in the various viscosities over 10 years make RS-OIL a high performance and safe product.

To meet the surgeon’s needs, Alchimia also offers Silicone Oil Pack, the highly customizable combination of silicone oil and connection tube compatible with the vitrectomy system used.

  • RS-OIL

    Packaging:   Vial or   Syringe
    Items: 1
    Volume: 10 ml, 15 ml

    RS-OIL is 100% ultra-purified polydimethylsiloxane with a volatile compound content less than 0.1%.
    More than 250.000 packages sold in various viscosities over 10 years [...]

    Category: Silicone oils
  • Silicone Oil Pack

    It is possible to combine the silicone oil (1.000 cSt, 1.300 cSt, 2.000 cSt, 5.000 cSt or 5.700 cSt) with the connection tubing compatible with your vitrectomy system to obtain your most suit [...]

    Category: Silicone oils
  • Vitrectomy system connection

    Items: 1

    ECT is connection tubing tovitrectomy systems.

    Category: Silicone oils

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Alchimia is one of the leading European manufacturer of medical devices in the Ophthalmic Surgery and in the Human Tissue Processing sector with the aim of improving the daily routine of the medical personnel and the quality of life of their patients.


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